NEW Broadcast Channel at Mount Pleasant : Broadcast Comments

NEW Broadcast Channel at Mount Pleasant

by Tom Culley on 11/21/17

Please review our NEW broadcast channel at and share your comments. Thank you.

God Bless
Pastor Culley

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1. TOM said on 11/21/17 - 12:24PM
Like your website very much.
2. John said on 11/21/17 - 12:36PM
This site is great. Thanks for your effort.
3. Robert said on 11/22/17 - 01:29AM
How did you develop such a professional site? It really looks good.
4. Kevin Pulley said on 12/20/17 - 03:24AM
I really like the new broadcast channel of Mount Pleasant MB Church. It is very easy to navigate, and the topics are very interesting with the topics ranging from "teen talk" to "55 Plus". I also am looking forward to obtaining the new "ap". Keep up the great work! God Bless Rev. Tom Culley, the first lady Rev. Sharon Culley and the entire Mount Pleasant Church family.

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